"Bookshop in a Box"

Giving local churches the resources to meet their needs
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"Bookshop in a Box" has been designed to provide local churches with the resources they need and want onsite in their locality. A Church Bookstall is a great way of displaying resources for parishioners and congregations to browse within the comfort of their own Church with a minimum of administration. How does it work?

  1. The key figure in the equation is the church member who is needed to manage the bookstall onsite. This person will come to the shop and select the stock, take any monies owed and then swap stock and pay for what has been sold.
  2. The shop is offering a 10% discount on ALL sales from the bookstall which will cover any damaged or stolen goods (rarely happens) but also provides a small incentive. In addition to this discount, the shop is always looking to offer further discounts where available.

For further details, please contact Paul Cook on 07595232092 or via email on cookie9385@mac.com